Bioinformatics course on Coursera is starting today

 At 2013-09-30 09:07:36 AM  |   192

Watch the first video about DNA replication today on coursera  Read more

Summer school in Bioinformatics July 25-30 IN HOCHIMINH CITY, VIETNAM

 At 2015-07-01 04:53:02 PM  |   76

Within the last 10 years, with the new development of Genome Sequencing methods, biotechnology has been in its revolution: many diseases has been detected and cured using the information from patients’ DNA; many new cells and their functions have been discovered based on single cell sequencing; many efficients drugs/vaccines been designed using the genomic information of viruses and human. Read more

Bionformatics course on Coursera

 At 2013-09-26 12:07:12 AM  |   247

This course will cover some of the common algorithms underlying the following fundamental topics in bioinformatics: assembling genomes, comparing DNA and protein sequences, finding regulatory motifs, analyzing genome rearrangements, identifying proteins, and many other topics. Read more

Bioinformatics Algorithms (Part 1) by Pavel Pevzner, Phillip E. C. Compeau, Nikolay Vyahhi, Son Pham

 At 2013-12-19 11:56:03 PM  |   570

This class provides an automated homework testing environment called Stepic, which is inspired by our Rosalind project aimed at learning bioinformatics through programming. You can find the first two weeks of material on Stepic and on our class homepage in the form of video lectures. Note: you must sync your Coursera account with Stepic in order to receive credit for your assignments. To do so, please see the Important Course Details page. Read more

Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression

 At 2014-03-18 02:01:05 AM  |   330

Each mammalian cell has the same genes, yet performs distinct functions. This is achieved by epigenetic control of gene expression; the switching on and switching off of genes. This course will cover the principles of epigenetic control of gene expression, how epigenetic control contributes to cellular differentiation and development, and how it goes wrong in disease. Read more

The higher-resolution versions of the lecture videos for Bioinformatics Algorithms

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The higher-resolution versions of the lecture videos for Bioinformatics Algorithms Read more