EpiGenetics - STAR: an integrated solution to management and visualization of sequencing data

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STAR is a multilayer web service system. On the client side, STAR leverages JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas and asynchronous communications to deliver a smoothly scrolling desktop-like graphical user interface with a suite of in-browser analysis tools that range from providing simple track configuration controls to sophisticated feature detection within datasets. On the server side, STAR supports private session state retention via an account management system and provides data management modules that enable collection, visualization and analysis of third-party sequencing data from the public domain with over thousands of tracks hosted to date. Overall, STAR represents a next-generation data exploration solution to match the requirements of NGS data, enabling both intuitive visualization and dynamic analysis of data.

Availability and implementation: STAR browser system is freely available on the web at https://wanglab.ucsd.edu/star/browser andhttps://github.com/angell1117/STAR-genome-browser.

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