Bioinformatics Education - Summer School - An Introduction to Bioinformatics Algorithms (July 25-28) - Q&A

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Within the last 10 years, with the new development of Genome Sequencing methods, biotechnology has been in its revolution: many diseases has been detected and cured using the information from patients’ DNA; many new cells and their functions have been discovered based on single cell sequencing; many efficients drugs/vaccines been designed using the genomic information of viruses and human.

Computer algorithms, unarguably, play crucial roles in this development: Google, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, HP, Oracle, Wolfram, Illumina, Samsung… are now rushing into this field.

Students taking this course will learn the most advanced algorithms and their applications in the frontier of Bioinformatics research, will be able to work with real human genomic data and if exceptional, will involve in research collaborations with leading genomic institutions and will be mentored by world-class scientists.


  Basic knowledge in Algorithms and Programming.
  Practice your coding skills & have a feeling of bioinformatics at: (optional)
  No knowledge in Biology is required.

If you have any question of running this tool or any suggestion please feel free to ask in this channel. 
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